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Welcome to Legend TV, the home of superior entertainment streaming!  We're looking forward to helping you "CUT THE CABLE CORD" and join the wonderful world of streaming TV and entertainment.

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With overwhelming demand to get rid of the ever increasing Cable Bill.... new streaming services are popping up everywhere.  How do you decide which one to choose?  You would first need to determine what's important to YOU.  Is it price?  Is it ease of navigation?  Is it reliability of service?  How about all premium and sports channels? Do you want a TV guide? Do you need superb customer service & technical support?  Legend TV offers all of this and much more.

Man this thang (Legend TV) is off the chain!

Tony Osborne
Excited Customer

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We are authorized distributors for Legend TV LIVE.  We believe that streaming is the New Normal and Cable is an expensive dinosaur of the past.  We pride ourselves with offering "a lot more than the norm" as your Streaming Service Provider.  Whether you want access to local channels or you love watching premium channels and NBA, NFL, MLB, and more.... Legend TV LIVE can give it to you. You'll also get to enjoy our awesome Video On demand Movies and Shows at NO EXTRA COST.  Thank you for subscribing :)


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